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About us

Bazeni Plus d.o.o. is a company specialized for the design, construction and maintenance of the private as well as public pools, but also for the sales and installation ot the entire pool equipment, whirpools and glass mosaics. To see the products of highest quality producers in the market, visit our website.

The mission

The mission of Bazeni Plus d.o.o. is to provide a true aquatic pleasure its customers with a sense of confidence, creativity, individual access and prestige.


Our vision is to become the leading company in the regional market in the segment of construction of family (private and public) pools, and we aim to achieve that goal by constant investments in knowledge, new technology and customer satisfaction.

Years of business and many satisfied clients are the testament of the business policy on which we insist, and which includes:

  • Investment in research and development
  • Investment in knowledge and modern technology
  • Investment in customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring the latest trends and innovations in the industry
  • Insistence on quality, professionalism and responsibility

We offer to our clients the pool construction by the system of “turnkey”, which represents the project implementation from drafting up to placing the facility into operation. We work with the most renowned international manufacturers and suppliers, and we can guarantee maximum durability and functionality of installed equipment. With the appearances at numerous seminars and trade fairs abroad (we highlight some of them), we want to provide customers with the highest quality and value for money.

  • 2010th Participation in the leading swimming pool equipment trade fair Interbad in Stuttgart
  • 2010 Seminar about low-energy pools in the company Dinotec in Ljubljana
  • 2009 Seminar for installation of solar heating system for swimming pools in the company PERAQUA / Praher
  • 2008 Seminar on the maintenance and reconstruction of the whirlpool in the company BWT in Austria
  • 2008. Training visit to Behncke company in Munich
  • 2007 Participation in the production processes in companies MTS and UWE in Stuttgart and Dusseldorf
  • 2007 Seminar about advanced automation systems in the company Dinotec
  • 2006. Presentation of massage tubs in company EUROTRADING Agency in Belgium
  • 2006 Seminar for automatic dispensing headquarters in DINOTEC company in Frankfurt