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Company Bazeni Plus d.o.o. offers its clients all the services in the project realization of building the swimming pool, from drafting to placing the facility into operation (system turnkey ). Also, customers can decide for one or few selected services from the process of building a swimming pool.

Planning of the conceptual design

Planning is the first step of a successful and quality project implementation of building the pool. Project drawings are used for prediction of all relevant factors and elements in process of construction and installation of equipment, facilitate communication between the investor and the contractor and provide the most efficient implementation of the investor’s ideas into practice.


Construction works include excavation of the pool shell and making the desired shapes and sizes, production of the engine that must be adequate (as close to the pool, sufficiently large, airy and dry) to the equipment that is placed into it and creation of compensating tank for overflow pools. Well done construction work significantly facilitates leveling and lining with mosaic and generally contributes to the overall quality and longevity of the pool.

Assembling and installing of equipment

Installation of swimming pool equipment is carried out in stages in all phases of construction, therefore, is required precise alignment and communication between investors, builders and equipment installers. Installation of equipment starts with building an element in the pool floor during the formwork but before the concrete floor slabs. It is continued by installing of the elements in the walls when lifting indoor panels. After concreting of the pool shell is performed setting up of the pool pipes from installed components to the engine. The final phase is the installation of equipment in the engine.

Setting up of border stone

Around the pool is set border stone that has the aesthetic and functional role. Aesthetic contributes to the attractiveness of the whole object, and functionally separates the pool shell from the walkway and prevents water flow from the walkway to the pool. The most common dimensions of the border stones are 3 to 5 cm thick and 30 cm wide.
It is placed before the ceramic works.

Straightening, hydro insulation and mosaic set up

Perhaps the most sensitive part of the process of building a the pool is a set up of the mosaic since practice has shown that the biggest problems were in the functioning of the pool on our market along with incorporation of cheap and poor quality equipment, but mostly inexperience and poor quality ceramics. We recommend the engagement of ceramics who are employed within the pool company and have years of experience in working with insulation and installing the mosaic in swimming pools.

Reconstruction and reinstallation

Due to the previously mentioned problems (cheap and poor quality equipment, unprofessional installers and ceramics), need for higher or lower reconstruction of the swimming pool occurs much earlier than owner’s expectations, so the apparent cost savings of hiring companies that relativize the origin of swimming pool equipment and the role of ceramics and editor (so give lower prices to attract customers and cover the inferior) multiply both the head.

Service and maintenance

Adequate and regular servicing of the pool extends the life span and prevents problems that can significantly reduce the enjoyment of using the pool. Service and pool maintenance refers to the regular pool cleaning and treatment with chemicals (pH, chlorine, algicide. Etc) and replacement of decrepit equipment and supplies.

Sales of all pool equipment

Company Bazeni Plus d.o.o. offers a complete swimming pool equipment, whirlpool tubs and glass mosaic of the world’s best companies at affordable prices. Because of long standing business we are able to offer any product of any manufacturer at the swimming pool industry, but we incorporate in the sales program only the highest quality products of companies that are tested through a multi-year assembly. When looking at pool products whose key features are mechanics and electronics (filters, pumps, automatic control, lighting, effects, etc.) we only sell German products, but with products whose key feature is design (scales, showers, waterfalls, mosaic, etc.), then we also sell products of several leading European manufacturers, and as far as whirlpools, we are representatives of the world’s leading company D1 SPAS, that produces the highest quality and the most luxurious whirlpool systems in the world.